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Yurt FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked question about yurts and glamping at Strawberry Skys Yurts. The list is updated as common queries arise and we belive it covers most things. However, pleae do not hesitate to get in touch if the answer to your question is not provided.

Do you allow dogs? 
- No, sorry at present we do not alow pets. However we can sometmes make an exception if you book the entire site, pleaae contact us first. 

Is there anywhere to eat nearby? - Yes. Our nearest village Llanfair Caereinion has three pubs, a wine bar and a cafe/tea rooms all of which serve food. There is also a fish & chip shop. Other options are only a short distance away and we are happy to advise on locations for all tastes and budgets. Please see our "Where to Eat" page.

Can I walk to the nearest village/pub?
 - Yes, it should only take about 30-40 minutes to walk across the fields on public footpath. An alternative route along the lanes is just under three miles. Though it might take a bit longer if you stop to admire the view. There is a local licensed taxi service in Llanfair Caereinion and their number is provided in the yurt as well as in the kitchen if you don't fancy the walk back.

Do you allow tents and camping? 
- No. In order to maintain the tranquil nature of our site we limit the number of guests to those that can sleep in the yurts only.

Do you allow Fireworks/Chinese Lanterns on site. - No, as these are both potentially hazardous to the yurts, livestock and surrounding properties. The use of fireworks and chinese lanterns is prohibited at all times with no exceptions.

What do I need to bring with me? 
- The essentials you need to bring are bedding (sleeping bags/duvets), sheets & pillows, towels for the shower, at least one good torch and wellies. Please see our "What to bring" page for the full list of essentials, nice to haves and luxuries to make for a blissfull yurt holiday.

How far apart are the yurts? 
- You can see for the aerial photograph on the "Our Yurt Site" page that the yurts are spread well apart from each and sight lines are broken up by trees and bushes. As a rough guide the yurts are about 40m apart and our large Yurt at the top of the yurt field is just over 100m from the car park.

What do you charge for wood? 
- All the wood for the wood burners inside the yurts and campfire pits outside, plus kindling is included in the price of your holiday. There are no hidden extras and you need pay for nothing more once you are on site.

Can I park my car next to my yurt? 
- No. All cars are parked on a hard area at the bottom of the yurt field.

How far is the car park from the yurts?
 - The parking area is at the bottom of the yurt field. It's not far at all, no more than 50 metres to either of the smaller yurts and roughly 100 metres to the large yurt.

How far is the toilet from the yurts? 
- Our compost toilet is situated at the bottom of the yurt field

What is the nearest mainline station? 
- Welshpool is the nearest mainline station which connects to Shrewsbury about half an hour away.

Can I cook in the yurts? 
- No. We do not allow cooking in the yurts.

Can I bring a gazebo? 
- Yes, of course. Though please use common sense when erecting gazebos, or other similar structures near open camp fires, or in windy conditions.

Can I bring my camping gas stove? 
- Yes, but only for use outside the yurt.

How far is Mount Snowdon? 
- About 65 miles away which should take 1 hr 45 mins, though please be advised that this time will increase at peak times.

What is there to do when I get there? 
- Please see our "What to do" page for suggestions and activities.

Do you take Hen/Stag parties?
 - No, due to the quiet nature of our site we do not allow hen/stag parties, or any other large single sex groups.

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